West Ham trolled Manchester United and got their due comeuppance

Sharon Wong

Rashford rejoices

Never show your weaknesses to the enemy. Always good advice, whether you’re off or on the pitch. Manchester United apparently displayed its soft underbelly to opponents West Ham ahead of the match today and left themselves wide open to attack on Twitter. On the way to the Sunday match with Tottenham, the Devils held the match back by 30 minutes because their bus got stuck in uncooperative London traffic. In the meantime, the Spurs had arrived almost 2 hours ahead of schedule and were left waiting for Man U to prepare after their tardy appearance. 

West Ham saw a golden opportunity and struck on social media in anticipation of today’s match.

This isn’t the first time Manchester United has suffered traffic-related woes ahead of a match. Back in ’98, then Devils assistant Brian Kidd literally had to abandon his car on White Hart Lane and leg it the rest of the way to make it in time for the League Cup quarter final.


Unfortunately for Van Gaal’s side, West Ham did not have much of a history of lateness that they can use against them in similar fashion. Not that the Devils needed that, of course. That hard won 2-1 victory’s the only response the jeering West Ham side deserved for their impudence. Checkmate?