LEAKED: F1 Driver’s Pre-Testing WhatsApp Chat

This time, the F1 driver’s emerge from hibernation and prepare for winter testing. Sebastian Vettel erupts at the recent Max Verstappen news. Bernie Ecclestone is called out for the downfall of Manor and for putting Silverstone under threat. Some drivers reveal what they got for christmas too…


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We also caught up with the person who sat next to Max Verstappen in economy class. They said,

“When I saw him come through that class-dividing curtain, I kicked my kid into the aisle seat and begged for Max to come sit next to me. I said, “Please, please m’Lord”, and patted the seat like an eager weirdo.He just shrugged and sat down.

Now, I know this would be odd in a normal context, you know, a 43-year old bloke like me begging a 19-year old boy to sit next to him, but he’s a star! I noticed as the flight took off, along with my raging stalk-on, that despite what I read about him in the press, he’s actually a mortal? There was one moment I will never forget. He sneezed into a tissue and it fell to the floor and I managed to sneak it into my pocket. It’s the pride and joy of my mantlepiece today, and I’ll never forget that Max is a human again.”

– Joe Bloggs


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