Rory McIlroy To Skip Par Three Tournament Before The Masters Because It’s A “Distraction”

Rory McIlroy and Caroline
Rory McIlroy has announced that he will not be playing in the par three competition that is traditionally held the day before the Masters.

“It’s just too much hassle and it’s a bit of a distraction.”

McIlroy said.

The competition provides an opportunity for players to have fun with family and friends before the seriousness of the week kicks off. The contest was first introduced in 1960 and has the unfortunate distinction of never being won by the eventual winner of the actual tournament.

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Tiger Woods plays round with his kids in 2015. Source: Bleacher Report.

Rory probably has some weird vibes as he strolls around the 9 hole course, remember ex-fiancee Caroline Wozniacki caddying for him back in 2014? Rory seems pathologically convinced the par 3 won’t help him win. The Northern Irishman is attempting to become the just the 6th player to win all four Majors, a feat that would make him the first European to achieve this feat

“It’s a bit of a distraction and the year I had my best chance at Augusta, 2011, I didn’t play the par-three contest,” “So maybe the decision not to play it this year can work in my favor.”

Is Rory being a little soft? He is a star of the game and fans adore the par three competition because it’s lighthearted entertainment, not to mention there were 5 hole-in-ones last year. I find it slightly superstitious that he would allow 2011 to affect his decision this year.

Is Rory McIlroy being a little soft by missing the par three?

No! It’s a distraction, he needs to focus on winning the Masters.

Yes! He should stop being so superstitious and play.

Perhaps this is a sign that Rory is maturing and understanding the importance of preparation, he is in some pretty good company after all. Tiger Woods opted out for an entire decade (2004-2013), and we can all agree he was a half-decent professional golfer.

I will certainly be watching the event this year. There have been 85 hole-in-ones during its 65 year history. We’re treated to moments such as Camillo Villegas hitting two aces in a single round.

Who could forget some of these classic moments: