The Internet Was An Awful Place After Liverpool’s Comeback

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You can’t help but laugh when the momentous night in Istanbul – the night of a Champions League Final – is being compared to a comeback in the Europa League Quarter-Finals – is there a more perfect example highlighting the continual and rapid decline that the Reds are on?!

Oh yeah, @TSBible, that’s so right. I’ve always said that Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and Xabi Alonso are comparable to Dejan Lovren, Divock Origi, Mamadou Sakho and Philippe Coutinho.

The suggestion that there’s some sort of mentality engrained in the club, despite in over a decade since the famous night against AC Milan, there have been countless examples of Liverpool embarrassing themselves, displaying weak mentality and regularly being the butt of the jokes.

It’s like when Hammers say ‘The West Ham way’ or United fans, who just knew Sir Alex Ferguson saying: “This isn’t the United we all know” like there’s some sort of divine right for clubs to remain permanently successful or to play a certain way because they did once for a couple of games.

Your clubs are based around the personnel within them, and that, of course, changes more regularly than football fans’ fickle nature.

Tenner says Jurgen Klopp said nothing of the sort. But let’s make sure that this ‘fairytale’ has all the cliche ingredients, yeah, Divock?

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Yep, he probably is. And he’ll certainly be the last, because half-and-half scarves are bought by people who don’t get football. No one in football will want to be associated with a half-and-half scarf if they’ve got half-and-half a clue about the beautiful game.
Now this, THIS is the worst.

Did it really give you “goosebumps” Reddit user 939392?

Was it really what Jurgen Klopp would’ve wanted Twitter account 383828?

Great to see, you say, Facebooker 939284842.

Talk about playing up to the reputation both set of fans have given themselves and somehow football as a whole has adopted.

There’s literally no difference in any set of fans from one group to another. We are all as vocal, as delusional and as ‘cringeworthingly’ cliche as one another.

Cut this #YNWA nonsense. Cheers.

Wheyyyyy!!!! And that’s a full house for cliche bingo – that’s assuming that “magical European night at Anfield” was used a minimum of 50 times during the pre-match coverage.

I pray it won’t be long before Klopp’s contrived antics start wearing thin but I’m genuinely concerned that they won’t.
What Liverpool did last night was bloody quality! I’d be buzzing if I were a Reds fan and it was a great spectacle. However, it was merely a sensational 90 minutes rather than an historical moment or the epitome of Liverpool as a club because, let’s face it, we all know Liverpool are never far from a Crystal Palace-based meltdown.