Are We Allowed To Criticise Messi Yet?

Lionel Messi
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I think it’s about time for round 2.

Back in February, I published an analytical article about Lionel Messi which ruffled a few feathers.

After watching Messi take the plaudits for Barcelona’s 2-0 win over Arsenal in the first leg of their Champions League tie, I felt the need to express an unpopular opinion about the Argentinian superstar.

After reading a Spanish newspaper describe how ‘Walking Is For Geniuses’, I described Messi’s performance as being over-rated and, well… lazy.

Needless to say, I received some angry responses – you can find the posts here:



Original Facebook Post


The backlash was quite incredible.



Clearly, I underestimated how passionately people felt about their favourite Argentinian son:


‘How dare you judge him based on just one game?’ 

‘Just a mad Ronaldo fan because he knows Messi is better!’

‘Look how many trophies he’s won, he’s the greatest of all time!’


Admittedly, constructing the basis of my analysis around Messi’s distance covered was far too simplistic, particularly considering he scored twice – regardless of them both being tap-ins.

As I tried to voice previously, I’m not trying to deny that Messi can be an incredibly influential player, but no player should be untouchable – not everything he does is a touch of class.

Messi should be allowed to have a bad game and we should be allowed to say so.


Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images


Time for another statistic – Lionel Messi is on his longest run without a goal in six years.

Messi’s barren run now stands at 452 minutes, his last goal for Barcelona came during the second leg Champions League victory against a hapless Arsenal on March 16th.

It’s not often you associate goal droughts with Lionel Messi, but there’s no escaping the fact the Barcelona star is suffering his most significant dip in form since his breakthrough at the club.

Now without a win in five games, the Catalans are currently on their worst run in two years and have seen their lead at the top of La Liga cut down to just three points.

Messi is a major factor in Barcelona’s recent slump in form… and yet everyone appears to hesitant to mention it.



When will the time come when people start openly criticising Messi for his poor performances, why is he seemingly given immunity from any form of criticism?

If your answer is to say that his accolades and previous heroics make him the greatest player blah blah blah… have a word with yourself, fanboy.

I’m by no means more of a ‘Ronaldo fan’ anymore so than I’m a ‘Messi fan’ (frankly I find the concept of being a fan of a particular player to be completely inane), but I find it peculiar that Ronaldo’s poor performances are fodder for critics and the media, yet Messi’s go completely under the radar.

It winds me up no end watching Barcelona matches on television – the amount that the media ‘sucks up’ to Lionel Messi is repulsively stomach churning.

The superlative adjectives come tumbling out for a strong performance, but a complete radio silence meets a below-par display. What I would give to hear the words: ‘Messi’s been poor tonight’ – not out of any dislike for Messi, but born out of frustration at a blatant media bias.

When Messi plays well, I have nothing but admiration for the man, yet I still long for the day he is openly criticised for playing as poorly as is right now.

There’s no such thing as a perfect player, people need to stop acting like there is.