WATCH: Matt Kuchar has the world’s most genteel outburst after a bad shot

Sharon Wong

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.12.39 PM

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Golfers can be a surprisingly tempestuous bunch. We’ve seen the likes of Bubba Watson, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy erupt in rage the moment things don’t go their way and we revel in it. But now, we present to you a twist on the tantrums we all so enjoy. After a bad shot, Matt Kuchar doesn’t toss his club in the air, snap it in half or force the announcers to apologize to the audience for a stream of colorful expletives. Instead, he brings the gentleman back into the gentleman’s game, casting a look of bewilderment at the shot gone awry and letting out a curse word that has us charmed instead of guiltily amused.


We’d ask Bubba Watson to take some notes, if we didn’t enjoy his flip-outs too much for that. But it is a welcome change to see someone reacting to a minor disappointment in an appropriately proportionate manner. After all, isn’t golf about being gracious, even if we are renegades?

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