WATCH: Dani Alves Reveals Cross-Dressing Secret


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Barcelona’s Champions League has clearly messed with Dani Alves’ head.

The Barcelona has posted a controversial video on Instagram in which he portrays his delight in dressing as a woman.

As a coping mechanism for Barca’s Champions League elimination at the hands of Atletico Madrid, the Brazilian international, wearing a woman’s wig, impersonates his girlfriend Joana Sanz.

In his finest female impression, Alves effeminately describes the 2-0 defeat to Diego Simeone’s side, that saw his side’s treble hopes evaporate, as “just a football game”.



Relaying the message to his fans on Instagram, Alves remarked:


“Hello it’s Joana Sanz, I am here to give love to my sweetie, who is very sad,”

“But love, it’s just a game of football. Nothing happens. Life is like this.

“You are worth much more than this. I love you.”

Dani Alves


Alves has been a controversial figure at the Nou Camp ever since his arrival at the Catalonian club in 2008, dividing fans right down the middle; Alves attracts as many ‘haters’ as ‘lovers’ among Barca fans for his with his antics.