Turns Out Tiger Woods Had Given Up On Nicklaus’ Record 9 Years Ago

Tiger woods comeback
The Masters are around the corner and the golf world is gleefully speculating about a Tiger Woods return. The 14-time major winner’s agent refused to rule this out, leading to ambitious assertions that the G.O.A.T will be ready.

At 40, Tiger is the same age as Jack Nicklaus was when he won his 16th and 17th majors, not a million miles off track you could say – remember Jack was 46 when he bagged the Masters to make it 18.

As Tiger occasionally posts about his progress everyone is left guessing. His interview at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions was a harrowing display of rare weakness from the infallible legend. The interview was wrongfully perceived as the first signs of Tiger’s self-doubt, when in fact the seeds of resignation had already been sown.

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Tiger Woods talked about joining the military and following in his father’s footsteps.

“In 2006 and ’07, Woods talked more and more about becoming a Navy SEAL, and Haney became so exasperated by what he felt was an unhealthy obsession that one day in 2007, while they practiced in a bunker at Isleworth, he played his trump card: “Are you out of your mind? What about Nicklaus’s record? Don’t you care about that?”

“No,” Woods replied. “I’m satisfied with what I’ve done in my career.”

This satisfaction is duly deserved, for many it’s not even up for debate that Tiger is the greatest of all time, but it does make you wonder if hunger can return to the player.

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Source: CasaBolivia

As he sits in his $60 million compound on Jupiter island it’s hard to see how this can prepare him for the shit storm that will develop when he makes his return. Even the players are clueless about his progress: “We all wonder about him, wonder if he’s lonely,” says Tour player Stuart Appleby, a former neighbor in Windermere. How can we expect Tiger to make the Masters if he hasn’t been spotted on a golf course since August last year?

Speculation is a fools past time. This anecdote from Golf.com reminds us that we should never try to predict the actions of Mr Woods.

“Ahead of the Presidents Cup in George, Western Cape, South Africa, Woods and Nordegren, then his girlfriend, vacationed with Charles Howell III and his wife, Heather. Woods wanted to cage dive amid the great white that feed in the waters around Seal Island, off the coast of Cape Town.”
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Source: Jebiga.

“We chummed the water for seven or eight hours, but there’s not a shark to be seen,” Howell recalls. “Tiger is bored out of his mind. He’s wearing a wet suit to dive into the cage in case any sharks come, and suddenly he just jumps into open water. He’s decided to swim over to the island and get up close to the seals. The guys on the boat are going nuts, shouting for Tiger to come back, but he just keeps swimming, through all the chum. The seals start hopping around and hollering like they do. Tiger is having a great time. After what seems like an eternity, he swims back and casually gets on the boat.” Howell pauses for a moment, lost in the story. “He’s just different from normal people,” he adds. “Completely fearless.”

Here’s an idea of what lurks in that particular stretch of water. As one viewer describes, “I feel that sharks pain. Can of tuna, bread, mayo no can opener.” We doubt sharks would dare eat Tiger meat anyway.