WATCH: Italian Goalkeeper’s Own Goal Proves Match-Fixing Still Exists

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You’d almost be forgiven for thinking this was footage from a very one-sided game of FIFA 16 – where your mate has thrown a complete tantrum, 5-0 down and starts passing the ball into his own net – a classic symptom of the chronic disease, Fifa-rage.

Incredibly, this is real-life competitive football… well almost, it’s Serie A. 84 minutes into Fiorentina’s game against Sassuolo the hosts holding on to a 2-1 lead when Sassuolo keeper Andrea Consigli but the game to bed in bizaare fashion.

Source: MemeGenerator
Source: MemeGenerator

Receiving a completely innocuous back pass from one of his defenders, rather than smashing the ball up field, rather strangely, the gulity-looking keeper swivelled and slotted the ball into his own net!

This own goal just screams match-fixing, it’s difficult to think that it could feasibly be anything else really, particularly considering the context of the game.

Sassuolo’s season is essentially over. The visiting side entered the game knowing they were safe from relegation but unable to reach any of Serie A’s European qualification places.

Fiorentina on the other hand are still in with an outside chance of qualifying for the Champions League and need to pick up as many points as possible from their remaining fixtures.

Looking shaky at 2-1, it’s all too suspicious that Andrea Consigli suddenly conceded such a gift for the hosts…

Speaking after the match, the sheepish-looking keeper remarked:

“My role can be very gratifying, but it can also lead to some bad moments. We’re professionals after all and I still have a fire inside me.

“There’s certainly been a touch of superficiality on my side that exposed me to a few extra risks, I was overconfident and I tried a first-touch play in the wrong position.”

Andrea Consigli


Blatant Match Fixing Or Just Unlucky?

It couldn’t be more obvious.

Just a bad stroke of luck.