Decision To Make Tiger Woods Wait For Hall Of Fame Is Outrageous

In a rule change that looks weirdly engineered to only impact Tiger Woods, the PGA have moved the induction age from 40 to 50:
“Effective immediately, candidates must be at least 50 years of age at the start of the year in which selections are made, replacing the previous age requirement of 40. The exception would be if a player was at least five years removed from being an active participant on his or her respective tour.”

Should Tiger be inducted into the Hall of Fame now?

No he can wait

Yes! Induct this man immediately

This seems unnecessarily invidious. Why make the rule change just as Tiger Woods turns 40? Let’s face it, Tiger and Jack are number one and two in the hall of fame – depending on your opinion – so it seems to me a bit unfair that Tiger can’t cruise through the latter stages off his career with the ultimate honour already bestowed.

We should remember that Jack Nicklaus was 34 when he was inducted and under the current criteria – 2 major wins or 15 TOUR wins – Tiger could have been inducted years ago. To make things worse Tiger’s best friend fellow veteran Phil Mickelson was inducted back in 2012. Doesn’t it seem a tad unfair that lefty gets the honour and Tiger has to wait 10 years?

Here’s how I think Tiger should accept the award in 10 years time. Inspired by one of the greatest acceptance speeches ever heard, by a comic who had to wait an eternity to receive a lifetime achievement award.

Here’s what the World Golf Hall of Fame president Jack Peter had to say:

“We work very closely with our Hall of Fame Members to ensure all aspects of the induction criteria are shrewd and judicious.” “As players continue to elevate their fitness levels and continue to play at a high level for a longer period of time, moving the age requirement to 50 ensures that we are able to celebrate their careers at the proper time.”

The irony that Tiger now finds himself physically struggling after a long career is all too real. I could be making a fuss over nothing.