Everything We Learnt From Doublelift’s Leaked Conversation With TSM Coach Parth

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng can always be relied upon to provide the League of Legends community with a sustainable source of leaks. Having previously leaked roster swaps ahead of official announcements, the current Team Liquid AD Carry’s stream has been a relatively ‘safe space’ in recent months. Viewers of the former Team SoloMid star’s stream have however now been treated to a delightful snippet of a conversation between Doublelift and his TSM coach, Parth “Parthenaan” Naid.

Chatting over skype, an eagle eyed viewer of Doublelift’s stream successfully captured a screenshot of the conversation between the League of Legends coach and veteran AD Carry. Given that the two professionals are currently representing different organisations, the leak did not contain any ‘top secret’  intel,  no legitimate ‘inside information’ or strategy was shared between the pair.

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But what the conversation lacked in substance, it more than made up for in spice. Here’s everything we learnt from the leaked conversation:

Doublelift is Confident Team Liquid Will Escape Relegation

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Currently sitting 9th in the NA LCS standings, Team Liquid still have a way to go if they’re to secure a spot in the playoffs. Avoiding relegation is rightfully the team’s priority at this stage in the split, with series against FlyQuest eSports, Team SoloMid,  Team Dignitas and Phoenix1 to determine the team’s fate.

Although sceptical that Team Liquid have the necessary firepower to overcome the might of his forthcoming Summer Split employer, Doublelift is confident in the rosters ability to overcome the other opponents that lie in their path. Doublelift has described his decision to join TL as a ‘personal challenge’, eager to see if his skills are enough to save the struggling organisation from otherwise certain relegation.

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Even Professionals Consider FOX Keith To Be A Laughing Stock

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In response to Doublelift’s assertion that Team Liquid can avoid relegation, Parth reminds him that he is basing the team’s end of split placing on the assumption that Team SoloMid will defeat fellow strugglers Echo Fox. Echo Fox currently sit just one place higher than Team Liquid and will need to tally defeats in the coming weeks if TL are to climb above them.

Despite their recent dip in form, Echo Fox delivered one of the surprise results of the split by delivering a 2-0 series victory over Team SoloMid in their previous meeting. Yet given the recent performances of FOX AD Carry, Yuri “Keith” Jew, Doublelift made it clear he considers there to be little chance of an upset.

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Parth Considers Team Dignitas’ Strategy To Be One Dimensional

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Whilst it may be considered common knowledge amongst the League of Legends community, to hear the same advice repeated by one of the best analytical thinkers in the NA region confirms just how transparent Team Dignitas’ strategy is. Getting Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho ahead, by focussing the attentions of Lee “Chaser” Sang-hyun to the top lane, is essentially Team Dignitas’ one and only win condition.

As Parth reiterates to Doublelift, if Team Liquid can keep Samson “Lourlo” Jackson in the game, then there should be nothing else for them to fear.

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Parth Considers Meteos To Have A Limited Champion Pool

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Perhaps the best meme of the entire conversation, Parth jokingly warns Doublelift to ensure that William “Meteos” Hartman’s signature champions of Olaf and Elise are banned away ahead of Team Liquid’s series against Phoenix1. Meteos’ Zac play has experienced mixed results on the competitive stage: steamrolling teams on occasions, feeding on others.

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Whilst the information displayed within the ‘leak’ is essentially useless, there is a slim chance that the cross-team communication could potentially break NA LCS rulings – rule 32-35 in the NA LCS Code of Conduct / Competitive integrity 8.1.1 Collusion and 8.2.9 information sharing to be precise. In short, Team managers/player cannot share information regarding another team.

That being said, it is unreasonable to expect that eSports professionals live within their own team based bubble. Whilst Parth and Doublelift may not currently represent the Team SoloMid organisation, that they lightheartedly discuss their respective matches in the NA LCS should not be considered a crime. If you follow the professional scene and are only now discovering – as a result of these leaks – that Meteos likes to play Elise and Olaf, that’s the real crime.

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