Donald Trump Makes Surprising Confession About His Golf Game


Donald Trump wants to make it very clear that he does not cheat at golf..

No matter what anyone has said about Donald Trump’s golf game, he wants everyone to know that he does not cheat when he plays. This has come under speculation as people like Samuel L. Jackson and Alice Cooper have accused Trump of doing so.

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Trump has gone on to say that there is absolutely no truth to the “disgusting” rumors and accusations. I mean if the guy is lying on the links, what does that say about his candidacy?

“It’s false,” he told PEOPLE magazine. “I think that’s disgusting. I’ve won a lot of golf tournaments. Where did that happen?”




What kills me about Trump and his whole campaign is that he defends all of his arguments with something else he can boast about himself or something that doesn’t have any true backing. “I know many words” or “I’ve won a lot of golf tournaments”, doesn’t make the statement true, its just that, a statement.

“I don’t cheat at golf. I don’t cheat at anything actually,” he says. “They’re dishonest people. They’re dishonest people. They’re really dishonest people. What is there a story or something?”

Then he pretends like there isn’t even any allegations, playing dumb like he doesn’t know what the interviewer is talking about. If you believe that Donald Trump hasn’t cheated in anything to get where he is today, then you’re probably someone who is going to vote for him or already has.

Either way the question here is whether he’s cheated at golf. Does it really matter? No. But it’s the precedent he sets for his entire image. Denial denial fluff fluff. That’s Trump.



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