Sore Loser Neymar Could Face La Liga Ban For Violent Tantrum

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


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Barcelona are not accustomed to suffering a run of consecutive defeats. “We will win again!” read a banner held by defiant Barcelona fans ahead of their game with Valencia, trying to pick the team up from their Champions League elimination by Atletico Madrid.

Neymar clearly isn’t accustomed to losing as the Brazilian forward threw a serious tantrum in the aftermath of Barcelona’s 2-1 home defeat.

The loss marked the Catalonian’s fourth in five games and the overwhelming frustration inside the Camp Nou proved to be too intense for Neymar, who snapped at the final whistle.

In a petty act of tame-violence, Barca’s star forward appeared to slap Valencia full-back Antonio Barragan as he celebrated with team-mates:



Valencia’s players have now successfully climbed out of the relegation zone and now sit comfortably 12th in the La Liga. The victorious away side joined together in celebration once the final whistle was blown – much to the disgust of a petulant Neymar.

The Brazil captain interrupted defender Barragan and his travelling team-mates’ full-time embraces by raising his hands to the defender’s face.


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


Tensions are rumoured to have escalated away from the glare of cameras with it being reported that Neymar threw a water bottle at his new-found nemesis, Barragan in the tunnel.

Perhaps most pathetic of all, the 24-year old is also accused of bragging about his wealth, saying something to the effect of:


“I earn ten times more than you!”


Barragan is believed to have taunted Neymar, sarcastically requesting for more insults and mocking the star for have nothing to sing and dance about after his recent performances.

Whilst the entire episode seems like a classic case of handbags, the match referee did not mention any post-match dramas in his report.

Neymar infamously served a four-game ban at last year’s Copa America, kicking the ball in frustration at an opponent at the end of Brazil’s 1-0 loss to Colombia in in June 2015.



If the Spanish officials move to retrospectively reprimand Neymar with a ban, a suspension for Neymar would leave Barcelona in trouble with just five games to go.

Neymar has been an important figure for Barcelona this season, providing 21 goals in all competitions.