Leicester City’s Angry Goblin Jamie Vardy Strikes Again

vardy pointing at ref

Jamie Vardy has been charged by the FA with improper conduct after being sent off against West Ham over the weekend.

He picked up a second yellow for diving in the box and let the ref know just how he felt about the call.

What do you think?



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It doesn’t take a detective to see why the league is take a hard look at this one. Vardy gets his paw right up in the ref’s grill and gives him a piece of his mind.

Vardy don’t pull no punches. Look at him get in Diego Costa’s face earlier this year:



Leicester City can ill afford to be without their danger man as they chase history.

They can lean on players like Mahrez and Kante in his absence but Vardy is the man that makes it all happen.

He’s been good for a league-leading 22 goals this season and bagged himself one against West Ham before being sent off.



At least the ref took a stand against diving. It adulterates the game. We saw Marcelo dive recently in the Champions League and it wasn’t a good look.

Leicester’s players allegedly confronted the referee in the tunnel after the game, which the team will have to answer for.

There was one group – the West Ham supporters – who were enthused by the call.



Tottenham fans didn’t lose any sleep over Vardy’s red, either.

A forum user named _Sagacious_ spoke the incident:




vardy middle finger


His words, not mine.

He ain’t wrong though…

Where do you weigh in?


Should Vardy face a ban for cursing at the ref?