American Prodigy Christian Pulisic Sets Bundesliga Milestone

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Christian Pulisic – savior of American soccer, second coming of Freddy Adu, future president of the United States – has scored his first Bundesliga goal. Watch below:



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Your first goal is a milestone. He’ll remember that one forever. He’s a man now.

Before we break out the champagne and confetti, let’s remember that there have been other Christian Pulisics who have come and gone.

Remember World Cup hero Julian Green, the unknown kid catapulted to stardom after scoring a late goal against Belgium in the round of 16?



His buzz faded faster than greased lightening. Since that goal he’s been quiet as a church mouse. In fact, he’s been relegated back to the U-23s – which is fine because he’s only 20.

But a real boss only upgrades, never downgrades. Ken Griffey ain’t never get sent down to no AAA after playing in MLB is all I’m sayin’.

It’s quiet for Julian Green right now.

If he was the real deal, that World Cup goal would have earned him a seat with the senior side indefinitely.

Freddy Adu is another obvious analog.


freddy adu dejected


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The difference between Freddy Adu and Christian Pulisic is that Freddy was a man amongst boys out there while Pulisic is a boy amongst men.

Freddy was a big kid running over and around smaller kids.

Pulisic is a big kid going toe-to-toe with grown ass men and holding his own.



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It just feels different with Pulisic.

Freddy was a 14-year-old kid who was too good to be true.

Pulisic is a 17-year-old who’s wise beyond his years. His game doesn’t rely on freak athleticism. He’s got that nuanced understanding of the game that’s so hard to teach. He understands when to pass and when to shoot, where to run, what space to occupy.



For a young player to be technically sound and cerebral speaks volumes about his game.

It’s one thing to dominate physically, to be a physical specimen like LeBron. It’s another to drop 40 on the cool like Steph Curry.

You take one look at LeBron, you know – that guy’s a beast. You look at Steph Curry and you might think he’s a ball boy.

You look at Christian Pulisic like…that’s the future of American soccer? He doesn’t look special.

And maybe that’s a good thing.

Is Christian Pulisic the real deal?


Too early to tell