Rory McIlroy Shows Off His Gruelling Workout Routine In Latest Commercial

Rory has packed on 20 pounds of muscle in the last 4 years by following a few simple gym rules: lift heavy, lift often. The golfer responded angrily to claims that he was overdoing it in the gym by mercilessly trolling Brandel Chamblee on Twitter.

This latest Nike commercial suggests Rory has the respiratory stamina of an asthmatic smoker. Get that man an inhaler.

Of course Nike had to show the Irishman cutting up kale. It makes you wonder what other stereotypes they left out of the commercial; potatoes being served at a river dance? Guinness being drunk at a Rugby game? They did manage to include some rugged Irish coastline, a far flung reality from the tranquility of Rory’s Florida home.

What do you think of some of these Nike commercials he has been posting?
Some of the videos in their “Enjoy The Chase” series are bit weird quite frankly. Here’s Tony Finau practising from a green side water-bunker feature…you know, just in case.