Manchester United might already be old news to Jose Mourinho

Sharon Wong

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We’ve heard too many whispers about Jose Mourinho’s eventual ousting of Louis Van Gaal, but so far, not much has been substantiated. Van Gaal is always on the verge of leaving, but somehow he always get pulled back from the brink at the very last moment. A frustrating experience for anyone who’s been betting on his demise for as long as Mourinho has and we wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the former Chelsea manager set his sights on more readily available pastures. And it seems like Paris Saint Germain might give him his next golden opportunity.

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Mourinho’s had a longstanding friendship with PSG owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi since before the latter’s takeover of the club. The Qatari reached out to him immediately after the French team got booted out of the Champions League by Manchester City. Apparently, this is the third time he’s appealed to Mourinho to manage his team, having long harboured frustrations with current manager Laurent Blanc’s tactical failings.

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He was unable to contain his frustration with Blanc, describing their latest loss as a “tactical gamble”. Sports newspaper L’Equipe went so far as to brand the match a “fiasco”. No surprise then that Al-Khelaifi is looking to bid Blanc good riddance long before his contract ends in 2018.


However, Mourinho’s keeping quite coy about what his actual plans are. He’s adamantly denied a confirmed connection with either club. All he wants you to know is that he is very, very much a wanted man these days. “I am always linked with jobs and in the summer I have a job but in this moment I can promise you I do not have a contract with any club.”


Hot air? Not quite. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is reportedly quite eager for him or anyone else to take over the Devils before he joins. The Swede has a notoriously awful relationship with Van Gaal that dates back to their time at Ajax together. Looks like Mourinho is being pulled in all directions, in the best possible way.