Chelsea Can’t Buy Leicester City’s $240 Million Secret

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Everyone loves an underdog.

In just a few short weeks, Leiceter City will write the final chapter of their Cinderella story. It will be the greatest underdog triumph since the Miracle On Ice.



Like I said, everyone loves an underdog.


Not THAT underdog.

Nobody likes him.

They’d never let him in the Justice League. The only superhero worse than him is The Tick.


the tick


I always hated that show, The Tick. If I’m gonna watch a cartoon about a blue idiot who saves the world you can bet your ass it’s gonna be Mega Man.




Maybe Sonic.




But never The Tick.

We’re getting off track here. What’s important is that a 5000-1 underdog is about to win the Premier League.


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It will be the biggest Cinderella story in our lifetime.

Leicester City’s title run has been so refreshing because it restores parity to the game.

Soccer has been so corrupted by big money – from FIFA scandals to the meteoric rise of clubs like Man City, PSG, and Chelsea – that a group of blue collar lads from a small club making some noise seems wildly out of place. And that’s why we love them.

Leicester City is spending less than a quarter of what the big clubs do, yet they sit atop the standings.

They’re spending full $240 million less than Chelsea this year and sit 30 points clear of them in the table.


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Jamie Vardy isn’t some soccer prodigy who was handpicked for greatness.


He’s a guy who was working in a factory not too long ago.


vardy middle finger


Riyad Mahrez got his start in the fourth division of French football with a team called Quimper.




For fuck’s sake, that sounds like a dating app for people who afraid of crowds.

“So where’d you meet Chad/Tyler/Brody/Tanner/Kyle?”


coachella girl wordpress


“Ohmygod, I met him on Quimper!”



Alone On The Mountaintop


Even people from Leicester aren’t diehard Leicester fans.

The club’s been irrelevant for so long that anyone 35 and under from Leicester grew up rooting for a “legitimate” club like Arsenal.

And you can’t blame ’em.

Leicester City is like a D3 school that’s about to win the BCS national championship.

Even if you weren’t a Leicester fan at the beginning of the season, you are now. There’s room for everyone on this bandwagon. It’s a feel-good story that strikes a chord in anyone with a beating heart.

Everyone loves an underdog and Leicester’s got too many to count.


Give ’em hell, boys, and bring that trophy back to Leicester with your heads held high.

You did it the right way.