13 Pictures Of Pimento Cheese To Get You Hungry For The Masters

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Pimento cheese has been called “The Caviar of the South”, and is a very big part of the Masters experience. They serve pimento cheese on white bread religiously at Augusta and it wouldn’t be the same without it.

The cheese is more of a spread and is made by blending up some combination of cheddar or Velveeta cheese, mayonnaise, pimento peppers, salt and pepper, and sometimes pickles or mustard. Sounds delish right?

Here are 16 dazzling pics of pimento cheese in it’s natural habitat, just in time to get you hungry for the Masters:

The essentials for any first time Augusta attendee includes a nice pimento sammy!


Pimento wearing it’s signature Masters flag hat!

Making pimento cheese today, getting ready for @themasters !!

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Some hot sauce and an Arnold Palmie will do the trick!


Pimento cheese in a skillet with a side of chips.. nom.


Pimento cheese on a pizza!

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94 POUNDS of pimento cheese!

Waiting to go to their forever homes..

Lunch time! Gotta try the #pimentocheese #themasters

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Pimento Cheese to the rescue!

Deviled eggs are just better with some pimento cheese!


Here’s some pimento cheese for on the go!

Classic beauty pic by pimento cheese.


How to: Pimento cheese!

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Can’t forget Pimento’s sidekick.. the Masters cookie!

The most important souvenirs #pimentocheese #themasters #masters #augustanational

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Hungry yet?

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