Investing In Liverpool Would Be A Total Waste Of Money

Source: ThisIsAnfield
Source: ThisIsAnfield

Liverpool could be set for some much needed investment, with Sheikh Khalifa, the half-brother of Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour, interested in buying the Reds.

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Fenway Sports Group (FSG) bought the Premier League outfit back in 2010 for £300million, with Forbes now valuing the club at £650million. Therefore, should they want to sell the Reds, they stand to make a tidy profit – quite amazing really, that despite your business stagnating and not progressing under your ownership of six years, you can still make over 100% profit on it.

The injection of cash from FSG was meant to be, like every single bloody season, the time for Liverpool to return to the upper echelons of the beautiful game. However, the Reds are still kicking around mid-table mediocrity and pretending that the Europa League is a tournament that at least one person gives a flying fuck about.

A combination of Brendan Rodgers being out of his depth and Paul Konchesky have meant that FSG have just one ill-timed slip and one League Cup to show for their ‘efforts’.

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So, are the Anfield (former) giants really an exciting and worthwhile investment for someone or are they just going to continue the ever rapid decline since their last title in 1990?

Jurgen Klopp


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Marketable, enigmatic and passionate or contrived, infuriating and over the top?

During his time at Borussia Dortmund 99.9% of the football fans would’ve said Jurgen Klopp was the first three words, but as his spell with Liverpool ticks on, the German is starting to irritate more and more of the footballing community.

That being said, though, his name is still one of the biggest in management, making the German a huge draw for potential signings and owners.

Current Squad


Apart from the foursome Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho, Nathaniel Clyne and Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool can pretty much do without the rest.

Major squad upheaval is needed, as always seems to be the case at Liverpool. But it’s highly unlikely they will be able to attract the calibre of players needed to fulfil the fans’ desires.

Klopp may well be able to pull off a Gotze signing or two, but more than likely the German will have to reinvent the wheel at Liverpool with the likes of Joe Allen, Kolo Toure and Simon Mignolet…

Champions League Football





Brendan Rodgers believes that the only reason Liverpool didn’t sign Alexis Sanchez to replace Luis Suarez, was purely down to geography.

The former Reds gaffer claimed that Sanchez and his family wanted to move to the capital and they were therefore powerless to compete with Arsenal, despite offering Barcelona a bigger transfer fee.

With the decline of Manchester United and Liverpool, potential relegations for Newcastle United and Sunderland and Manchester City unable to sellout Champions League quarter-finals, is football north of the capital dead?

Certainly something for any potential investors to consider.