WATCH: Neymar Tells Alba To ‘Go F*** Himself’


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Neymar is acting like a ticking time-bomb at the moment and his short fuse was ignited by Jordi Alba in their recent defeat to Valencia.

Television replays have since revealed that the petulant Brazilian was involved in a yet another heated exchange during the Valencia fixture, on this occasion with his team-mate, after he failed to receive a pass in an attacking move.

During an move down Barca’s left hand side, Alba ignored passing to Neymar, provoked a furious response from the forward.

As the move breaks down and Alba walks back into position:


“Go f*** yourself. What? What!? You got a f***ing problem?”



Neymar was also caught slapping Valencia defender Antonio Barragan in the face after the full-time whistle and now faces a match-ban for his sore-loser behaviour.

Barcelona costly 2-1 defeat at Camp Nou defeat saw them loosen their grip on the La Liga title. Atletico Madrid are now level on points with the Spanish champions, while bitter rivals Real Madrid are just one point behind with five games still remaining.

Nearly every team in Spain now recognises this as Neymar’s temper is one of MSN’s main vulnerabilities. It’s commonplace to see defenders following through on Neymar in an attempt to break his nerve – by turning on his teammates, he’s only making it easier for other teams to break him.


Who knows though, Jordi Alba might be the wrong guy to cross at Barcelona. Rumour has it he’s pretty tough…