A Ticket To The Masters Is Officially The Most Expensive In The World

For most of the 50 million golfers in the world the statistical probability of ever playing Augusta is akin to persuading the pontiff to messed up with you in Vegas. With that in mind a ticket to the Masters is the next best thing, unfortunately for the vast majority of us it’s still gold dust .
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US ticket broker Brian Talbot  told About Sports that they are almost unobtainable:

“From my experience, it’s safe to say these are probably the toughest tickets to get in the world, with Super Bowl tickets running a close second, depending on which teams make it and where the Super Bowl is hosted.”

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Still interested? Ok, here’s what you need to do: firstly, you can apply in May using Augusta’s lottery system. People are selected by July, giving you ample time to make the necessary arrangements to use you $100-a-day tickets for the week. In my opinion it might be more effective to write a grovelling letter to Augusta, put it in a bottle and throw it into the sea, but there you go.

No luck with the formal application process, what next? You now need to know someone, have corporate access or perhaps more realistically, go through the second-hand ticket market.

According to Fox Sports, stub hub were listing tickets for between $2400 and $5208 for the opening round. Tickets for the final round were listed for between $1876 and $4800 and for the ultimate – or “big daddy” – you’re talking $34,125 for a “clubhouse seven day” pass.

My advice is to keep diligently applying online through the lottery system. Yes your chances are slim, but if the golf gods will it…

It’s not all bad. If you are successful you get one absolutely massive perk; food and drink is unbelievably cheap!

$4 for a beer and $1.50 for one of Augusta’s famous pimento cheese sandwiches is phenomenal value for a sports event – remember a beer at the Super Bowl will cost you a staggering $15. Don’t be sad! At least we can all go out and buy cheap beer and benefit from our unfettered access to TV coverage. Keep your Masters ticket! Although I do want one before I kick the bucket.