WATCH: Jordan Spieth reveals that he is terrified of becoming a meme

Sharon Wong

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We’ve talked many times about the different ways golfers choose to engage with their public. Rory is all about getting personable with his fans, Rickie influences his with fabulous swag and Jordan Spieth, well, he doesn’t want any of you to get the wrong idea about him. Always one to keep things perfectly composed, he was aghast when he slipped up and┬árubbed at his face during a moment of anxiety at an interview. Realizing his gaffe, he quickly resorted to damage control.

“Me, doing that right there with the cameras is going to haunt me someday when I don’t have a good round,”┬áhe quipped immediately after, attempting to cover up with humor,┬á“Always smile even if you’re…”

Normally, we don’t tend to gravitate towards public personas who need to keep such a tight lid on themselves. We like our stars to feel human and relatable and it’s a difficult task not to come across as distancing or anal when they are dead set on appearing above our baser impulses. But somehow, Jordan Spieth manages it all with grace and finesse. He’s no less likable than someone who lets all their flaws hang out and it’s largely because even though he┬átries hard not to succumb to weakness in front of us, he makes it clear that he knows exactly how it feels. Just by making fun of that minor slip in composure, he’s reassuring us that he too is vulnerable to disappointment and mockery. He doesn’t show us the chinks in his armor, but he tells us they’re there and it’s quite enough.

And well, a sly wink to his younger, internet-savvy fans doesn’t hurt either. Who doesn’t love a reference to memes?


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