Vardy Is A Disgrace And Hodgson Should Know Better

Source: Getty/Twitter
Source: Getty/Twitter

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Why, for the love of God, why do managers never get it right?

From Arsene Wenger’s blind loyalty to his players, to Roberto Martinez openly pushing Leighton Baines under the bus, gaffers never seem to get it right when it comes to defending and/or lambasting their players – it’s always in the extremes or, when they do decide to criticise, they get it wrong and vice-versa.

The latest foolish comment comes from Jamie Vardy’s England manager, Roy Hodgson, with the Three Lions gaffer saying the following after the FA’s decision to charge Vardy over his reaction to the red card he received against West Ham:

“I don’t see that as a dive. I think he was unbalanced.

“I don’t think it was a penalty either. I think he was unbalanced, running at that speed.

“But of course all the pundits I hear say, ‘He was trying to dive — look how he dived.’ I don’t see it.

“For me, I wouldn’t blame him for that. I sympathise with him, I think he was very, very unlucky.

“When you get sent off for something where he obviously feels like I feel — there is no doubt he is of that opinion — but he has had to swallow the fact that he has been made to leave the field.

“Then, of course, he has reacted like, sometimes, human beings react.

“He hasn’t just said to the ref, ‘That’s alright. I understand’ and shakes hands and ‘Have a good game.’ He has called him a few names.

“But he is a human being, and that can happen.”

Roy Hodgson

It’s as cringeworthy as it is baffling.

Why comment in the first place?


That’s the biggest thing. Hodge doesn’t even need to comment on the incident, as it’s not like Vardy’s suspension affects Roy’s ability to select him for the Euro 2016 squad. And given that the Leicester City striker has been charged by the FA, Hodgson’s bosses, the former Fulham manager surely should’ve seen the sense in not commenting at all?

What would’ve happened if Vardy wasn’t English?
Would Hodgson be so embarrassingly dismissive of Vardy’s tumble as a dive if he was called Juan Pedro Vardy from a little mountain town in Peru? In fact, the whole media’s acceptance that it was a dive, only then failing to lambast Vardy, is tragically amusing – we all know if Vardy wasn’t the cliche British Bulldog that he is, he would’ve been metaphorically hung, drawn and quartered in the press.

Highlights How Unsuitable For England Hodgson Is


Hodgson’s made up quotes of what Vardy should’ve said makes for one of those body shudders that occur when something uncomfortably, cringeworthy occurs. The whole sentence showcased, perfectly, the issues and reservations that many have over Roy being manager of England; out of touch, safe, boring, too sensible, too nice, bland, naive, a laughing stock, a figure of ridicule…okay, maybe it doesn’t highlight all those things but the former Liverpool manager is certainly all those!

Vardy tried to cheat – without any consideration of how the ref would’ve been blasted if he had awarded the penalty despite the striker diving – and got caught. Everyone needs to deal with, accept it was the right decision all round and move on.