Wenger Admits Title Collapse Was To Annoy Arsenal Fans On Twitter

Source: Getty
Source: Getty

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Following Arsenal’s 2-0 win over West Bromwich Albion, Arsene Wenger has confirmed what many have believed for awhile now, that Le Professeur purposely threw away the Gunners’ title hopes to wind up the Arsenal fans on Twitter.

“You’ve seen tonight just how good we can be. So, I ask you this, do you really think we aren’t capable of winning the league when players like Alexis Sanchez have the capabilities of a 45 minutes like that?

“Of course we are. However, I see the moaning on Twitter – I have an alias on Twitter that I use; the handle is @piersmorgan – I see the hurtful things and I see the amount of bloody polls Arsenal fans win.”

Arsene Wenger

The Emirates Stadium was awash with empty seats last night, despite the amusing line from the club suggesting that the ground wasn’t even 1,000 seats away from being a full house. As well as the ‘staying away’ protest, the Gooners also tried to stage a 75th minute walkout — not sure whether Arsenal fans were protesting Wenger, ticket prices or Brexit on that one, because they take umbrage with everything.

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When questioned over the empty seats and the petulant protests, Wenger added:

“See, this is exactly what I mean. How can anyone expect to keep embarrassing the club like this, at the stadium, on that diabolical Arsenal fans TV or in 140 characters, and then expect to have nice things? 

“I’ve got Mesut fucking Ozil for Christ’s sake! Of course I can win the league! But until these grown men stop failing to use commas in tweets, acting like babies and causing themselves to continually be the butt of viral articles, I refuse to deliver the title.”

Arsene Wenger