WATCH: AC Milan Disgust Fans With Embarrassing Haka


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What on earth is happening to Italian football!? After the deliberate own goal debacle last week,  former European powerhouse AC Milan were filmed performing a ‘haka’ before their Serie A match Carpi.

In front of a depressingly quiet San Siro, the Rossoneri tortured their fans with one of the seasons’s most bizarre sights.



AC Milan, a club with a rich vein of history took to the field pre-match to a subdued reception, before performing a a corporate-imitation of the tribal dance, the haka, prominently performed by the New Zealand rugby teams.

Fans were less than impressed as it was revealed the stun was part of a marketing campaign with Nivea, a cosmetic brand. To save the players the embarrassment, the entire cringe-worthy show was performed by a group of actors, dressed up in AC Milan XI attire.

The advertisement hoardings around the soulless stadium promoted the brand’s new motto: ‘Men, this is your ritual’. The ultimate corporate sellout stunt…




With the San Siro filled to less than an 1/8 of its capacity, Milan went on to complete a dire 0-0 draw with the 17th-placed side.



Many fans highlighted that superficially imitating another culture’s serious custom and heritage, for the sake of a light-hearted marketing publicity stunt was also extremely distasteful.

Coupling that with the widespread disappointment and nausea at the depths to which AC Milan have plummeted, it was an extremely dark day for Italian football.

How low football seems to have sunk…