Irish Golfer Left Dumbfounded By Stupid American Interviewer

Shane Lowry is a one of the funniest dudes on TOUR. When he’s not swearing on live TV, he’s challenging Floyd Mayweather to a fight – something we can all get behind.

This begs the question: how can an interviewer worthy of the title get his name wrong? You accept an interview after toiling for 4 and a half hours on the course, only to hear Tom Rinaldi get your name wrong. Adding Mac in front of Shane’s last name might have been a Freudian slip, perhaps he was thinking “I’m interviewing an Irishman so obviously “Mc” must be there,” either way it’s frustratingly stupid and disrespectful for a top golfer. It’s not the first time Shane has been left trying to explain himself, nobody could understand his accent in one interview he gave.

Credit for Shane for keeping a straight face and giving the appropriate eye role. All credibility was obviously lost after the mistake.

Whilst we’re on the topic it might be helpful to clear up a few confusing issues surrounding Irish players. I keep hearing “Irishman” and “Northern Irishman” being used interchangeably during American TV coverage of the golf.  They are not the same thing. If you actually considered the deeply turbulent past that created the distinction of these two countries, you would not make the same mistake so flippantly. Rory McIlroy and Graeme Mcdowell are from Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom), whilst Padraig Harrington and Shane Lowry are from the Republic of Ireland (a separate country all together). Just because their accents sound similar does not mean that they are from the same country.

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Why is it so hard for professional presenters to do a bit of research before they start an interview? This mistake was a shocking display of ignorance and disrespect.