WATCH: Bubba Watson’s “mental issues” rear their ugly head at the Masters

Sharon Wong

Mental Bubba Watson

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Bubba Watson almost won us over. Almost. We always like it when controversial big names are candid about their flaws and well, he really delivered on that front when he admitted to having “mental issues” on 60 Minutes. Looks like we’re all going to have to aim to be understanding then, because these mental issues were fully in evidence at the Masters this week. Cameras were rolling when he threw a dramatic hissy fit at some errant gusts and wore a decidedly sulky expression when Webb Simpson made a hole-in-one.

We got our first inkling that all was not right when Webb Simpson aced a hole in the par-3 contest. Now, the two are supposedly friends, so this could all just be a misunderstanding. But could Bubba possibly look less elated at his remarkable achievement? Even if he did bet some serious money, it just seems like extraordinary sour grapes to not even crack a smile for the rightful victor, let alone your friend.

However, he really lost it at the 11th hole. The yips haven’t caught up with him yet (poor Ernie Els), but strong winds did prevent him from making an easy putt. Bubba has had a history of blaming the forces of nature for his mishaps on the course, screaming at the mud and the water for messing with the surface of his balls. And he doesn’t disappoint here, even if he doesn’t say a word. The outraged disbelief and his outraged throwing up of hands at no one in particular makes for an eminently shareable portrait of insanity.

Bubba Watson

So how much of all this truly points to genuine psychological impairment? Hard to say, really. We can never decide if Bubba Watson is actually incapable of regulating his emotional state or if he’s just a douche who doesn’t want to. We could kind of see mental issues coming into play during his outburst at Mother Nature, but we think that sulking when your friend wins is a dick move all across the board.

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