Ernie Els Hits Fan On Top Of Sextuplet Bogey At Augusta

Ernie Els Hits Fan After Making A Sextuplet Bogey And Double Bogey On First Hole At Augusta 

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If you didn’t already know, Ernie Els has not gotten over his horrible condition, the yips. It was originally reported that Els made a 10 on the first hole yesterday, with seven putts, but Masters officials corrected the score to a 9 with 6 putts.


This happens to golfers all the time but it’s hard to look at when it’s the first hole at the Masters. Everyone felt really awful for him and were probably rooting for him to do better today but that is not the case. Els got a double bogey on the first hole today after missing another 2 footer, better than yesterday but still pretty sad.

Not only did he make that double bogey but he also went on to hit a fan after a rouge fairway shot. The guy was hit right in the temple and was given an icepack and some ibuprofen by the medical staff. 

“I heard some people yelling, ‘Fore!’ and then I felt it.”

Source: Michael Madrid
Source: Michael Madrid


This guy will never forget his first time at the Masters, that’s for sure.

Poor Els, he’s just trying to play well and then that happens on top of everything. He won’t be escaping his mistakes either after Twitter blew up in response. Els is trending but not for a good reason.


Apparently the yips is actually a medical condition but still, as a professional it doesn’t look very good. Hopefully he can walk away with a sense of humor about it. I know the internet has.

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