In Pictures: The 10 Most Underrated Players In The EU LCS

Daniel Byrne

The spotlight so often shone on the headline names of the EU LCS, the European league is filled with unsung heroes. Either overshadowed by fellow teammates or unable to broadcast their talent while everything around them seems to be crumbling to pieces, the European Region is host to a number of underrated talents. This is a tribute to those players who perhaps don’t receive as much praise as they deserve.

Though the imposing statistics may suggest otherwise, individual talent within the EU LCS is not simply limited to the teams towards the top of the standings; just because a team is underperforming, does not mean that every individual player on the roster is following suit. A large proportion of the talent within the EU LCS flies under the radar.

Within organisations such as Team ROCCAT, Team Vitality, Giants and even Origen, several players have proved their worth to potential future employers. On the other end of the spectrum, within success stories like that of G2 eSports, Unicorns of Love and Splyce, often the players that make these great teams tick go unappreciated:

CLICKON eSports’ 10 Most Underrated Players In The EU LCS


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