This Stat Proves Best Player In La Liga Is Not Messi Or Ronaldo

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When people talk about the best player in the world, there’s only two camps they fall into.

The Messi club or the Ronaldo camp.

Club Messi is obviously more popular – the soccer god has reached down and blessed this man. But there’s a certain $124 million dollar man who gets constantly snubbed.


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That’s right – the world’s most expensive player, Groundskeeper Willie Gareth Bale


Gareth Bale Real Madrid


Here’s the stat that proves Gareth Bale is the real king of La Liga:


He averages a goal or an assist every 56 minutes


That’s the best minutes per goal involvement in La Liga.




Messi and Ronaldo don’t even crack the top three. In fact, they’re fourth and fifth, respectively. Pretty sure they don’t give out medals for fifth place…

It is important to note that Bale has been on the pitch for significantly less time than the other players.

Even so, the 1,572 minutes Bale has played are enough to be considered a legitimate sample size. That’s about half as much as Ronaldo, who’s clocked 3,059 minutes this season.

Only in the crazy world of La Liga could a player like Gareth Bale be an afterthought.

In the land where Messi and Ronaldo reign supreme, Gareth Bale could set himself on fire like a disenfranchised monk and people still wouldn’t take notice.


Quang Duc


I think Gareth Bale is OK with flying under the radar, so to speak. It’s hard to stay low when you’re the world’s most expensive footballer, but the Welshman manages not make too many headlines.

Is that a coincidence? I think not.

I’m sure his PR team decided the less people read about Bale, the better. They’ll let the numbers do the talking while Bale (quietly) laughs all the way to the bank.



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