Jordan Spieth’s worst nightmare comes true (Hint: it’s NOT his Master’s loss)

Sharon Wong

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After a promising start to the Masters, the fall was very great indeed for Jordan Spieth. He’d been soaring ahead of the pack until the 12th hole, where a disastrous quadruple-bogey seven brought him crashing down to earth. It was the public toppling of a titan on his own turf, one whom so many other golfers never imagined they could beat at Augusta. And as you could totally predict, the incident drew the Twittersphere like flies to honey. Jordan Spieth’s greatest fear soon manifested all over the interwebs when he became the golf world’s latest big meme.

Jordan Spieth made a prescient remark last week when the camera caught him scratching his forehead in seeming anxiety. “Me, doing that right there with the cameras is going to haunt me someday when I don’t have a good round,” he joked ruefully. Lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened. And the trolls more than met his expectations, putting the Crying Jordan meme to very creative use.

As much as brutal meme mockery is hounding Spieth, his loss has also elicited an overwhelming number of supportive reactions. Never forget that Jordan Spieth has always been a well-liked, talented player with a loyal fanbase and plenty of friends among his rival golfers. So here we’ll counter all the jesting at his expense with some truly classy encouragement and empathy from some of golf’s fellow big names.

He may not have been top dog at the course (or on Twitter, really), but apparently, Jordan Spieth remains the champion of a good many hearts and minds.