The Gut-wrenching Collapse Of Jordan Spieth Is Extremely Difficult To Watch


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It’s difficult to watch Jordan Spieth’s collapse on Sunday at the 2016 Masters.

Spieth went on to say that this moment was a “lack of discipline” on his part. Even the announcers couldn’t believe that second chunk into the water. When was the last time Jordan Spieth chunked a ball during a tournament? I bet you can’t think of a time.


“We still have the confidence that we are a closing team,” Spieth said. “I have no doubt about that ability – it was a very tough 30 minutes that hopefully I never experience again.”


You have to feel for the guy. 7 consecutive runs in first place at the Masters, only to let it slip on the back nine on Sunday. Not only that, but he had to then hand the jacket over to someone else when we all know he thought it would be his.

The sportsmanship and heart of golfers is incomparable and JordanĀ Spieth is a prime example of that fact. No matter how awkward or sad Jordan was in the moment, he put on a brave face and stood by Danny Willett’s side and congratulated the new Master. I can’t even believe how hard that must have been for him.

I don’t know which is harder to watch, his collapse or putting the jacket on Willett.

Jordan Spieth joins Greg Norman in one of the worst collapses in major golf history. The difference is that Spieth will no doubt rise again from the ashes. This 22 year-old-golfer has a lot left in himĀ and no matter how huge this mistake was, it will not bring him down for good.

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