Masters Champion Danny Willett Partied So Hard The Cops Were Called

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Danny Willett was met by cheers from his friends and supporters as he embarked on an evening of debauchery. The modest Englishman conducted a soccer-style chant as he kicked off proceedings for “the party of the year.” Many have commented on the affability and “normality”of the man from Sheffield, character traits that were on full force during his Masters celebrations.

Apparently there were very few golfers at the party, just friends of Danny who had made the trip to see him play in his second Masters. Alex Ferguson was the only high profile attendee. The former Manchester United boss joked with Willett about a $15,000 bet he’d lost after Spieth’s collapse, which was met by apologetic laughter from the 28-year-old. The Golf Channel’s Tim Rosafort commented on the atmosphere:

“It sounded like the first tee at the Ryder Cup,”


Rosaforte even noted that the cops were called out after some killjoy filed a noise complaint. Fortunately for Danny they changed their tune when they realised it was a newly conceived celebrity. “Oh in that case, no big deal,” Rosaforte reported the cops said.

“They came in and asked for autographs.”


Danny kept going until 6.00 am when he finally put a lid on the raucous evening. Still pumped with adrenaline, Willett got up for a run at 9.00 am before heading back to England in a G5 to celebrate with his wife and newborn son.

It’s great to see a pro golfer cutting loose after a win. The hardest thing about this entire story was the admission from the Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte that he turned down an invite for the party because he “wanted to be fresh for Morning Drive.” This revelation sickens every fibre of my being.