Why China’s One Year Ban On Golf Seems A Bit Sketchy


Once banned as the sport of millionaires by Mao Zedong, China now says there is is ‘no right or wrong’ about playing golf.

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Leaders in the Communist party of China have decreed that golf is no longer a crime, lifting a ban they’ve had on the sport this week.

Why was the sport banned in the first place? Well you know how everyone always says knowing golf is good for business? Chinese millionaires apparently took that to a whole new level during the 80’s and 90’s. According to party-based media, China’s golf had turned into a place where these millionaires would make dirty deals and has been called “an arena for corruption”.



But this year it seems as though they are back peddling from their former views, and say that there is now no “right or wrong way” to play golf.

“Can officials play golf while the nation steps up efforts to clamp down on corruption and promote austerity?” the China Daily asked.

“The answer is yes – if they pay out of their own pockets. Playing golf itself is not a wrongdoing,” the newspaper confirmed.


It’s interesting to remove this ban only a year later after it was admitted in 2015. My thoughts are those millionaires got very upset and did everything in their power to get the sport reinstated.

On the other hand the Olympics are this year, which everyone knows China takes very seriously. With golf being in the games, what better time to make the sport no longer a crime so they can get their leading athletes ready.

I guess we’ll see what happens after the Olympics, if they ban it again or free the sport of golf for good.


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