Bubba Watson has actually become an emoji

Sharon Wong

Bubba con carne

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Bubba Watson is a man who divides the golf audience, so it’s no surprise that emojis of his face will have a similar effect on you. Now, you’ll get the chance to evaluate exactly how you feel about the uncanny things staring at you out of your mobile screen. Bubba just announced on Twitter that you’ll now have the chance to emote at your friends with his face, all for $1.99.

So what’s the array of expressions you’ll be privy to, should you decide to make this investment? As it turns out, Bubba Watson’s exactly the golfer you need if you like your emotional topography varied. His self-confessed mental issues don’t always work in his favor in real life, but they’re exactly the right fodder for lively emoticons for just about any mood you might be experiencing. And if the artwork’s important to you, you can totally go from abstract to photorealistic on this particular palette.


Personally, we don’t think these are a bad idea at all. Controversial characters tend to make the best of emojis and we’re pretty impressed by the vast array of expressions Bubba’s pulling in digital form. It’s also the perfect way to get us all to accept some of his less likable traits. Bubba’s long been aware that certain aspects of his personality leave some things to be desired. While he claims to want to work on them, his attempt to poke fun at himself is a lighthearted way of telling us that a lot of his odd behavior isn’t personal and that he’s always going to be a quirky kind of guy no matter what. And well, we’re pretty sure we can live with that.

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