This Proves That Liverpool Are The Officially The Best English Club Ever

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Football fans love a trivial debate over inane, opinion-based discussions. That’s the thing about football, almost everything can be whittled down to opinion rather than fact.

Liverpool currently have 41 major trophies to their name, whilst bitter rivals Manchester United have 40. However, fans of the Red Devils will cite the fact that they have 20 league titles compared to Liverpool’s 18. Which is then countered by the Reds faithful with their five European Cups compared to United’s three.

The point is, even when something is almost statistically – and factually – correct in football, it is still open to debate based upon opinions.

The latest statistic that proves Liverpool are England’s most successful and best club of all-time, shows that the Reds hold the record for the most wins in the top flight of English football.
Given the fact that the Reds – after this season – will have finished in the top four only once in the past seven campaigns, again highlights how that statistic is open to debate! Especially when you consider how far you’d have to scroll down to find Leicester City’s name!

Sidepoint, it’s crazy to think that we could lose up to three of the most successfully consistent top flight clubs in the history of English football. Newcastle United and Sunderland are dangerously close to following Aston Villa out of that trapdoor to Championship. Madness.