BREAKING: Leicester City Win Premier League

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Leicester City have been crowned kings of the Premier League after Chelsea rallied from two goals back to tie Tottenham 2-2 in a sensational London derby.

Watch the Leicester players react to the news live from Jamie Vardy’s house, where they all watched the game:



Jubilation. Congrats, boys.

The Leicester faithful were hoping for any result besides a Tottenham win to ice the Premier League.

The 2-2 draw officially sealed the deal for Leicester City, cementing their status Premier League champions and arguably the greatest underdog triumph in the history of professional sports.

Harry Kane scored the game’s opening goal off a lovely sequence of passes to put Tottenham up 1-0.



Son doubled Tottenham’s lead to 2-0 just before halftime.



Son’s goal wasn’t the end of the first half fireworks.


No Holds Barred


Just before the halftime whistle, Danny Rose got into it with Willian.

Their argument almost escalated into an all out brawl – only calming down after Pochettino, Tottenham’s manager, stormed the pitch to break things up.



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The nastiest bit of the dust-up was only caught on alternate camera angles. Watch Dembele use the old eye gouge on Diego Costa in the middle of the fracas:



Grisly stuff indeed.

With just over a half hour remaining, Gary Cahill finished a Willian cross to bring Chelsea within a goal of Tottenham:



Cahill’s goal set the stage for a frenetic finish. On-field animosity between the two teams was so great that it’s a small miracle the game finished 11 v 11.

The acrimony between Chelsea and Tottenham was palpable through the TV; you could literally feel the hate. Made for quite the viewing experience – not unlike the Panthers – Giants NFL showdown this postseason that nearly exploded after Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman went head to head.



Bad blood notwithstanding, the marquee moment of the match was supplied by Eden Hazard, who finished a pass from Diego Costa into the upper right corner with just under 10 minutes remaining to tie the game 2-2. Left the goalie no chance.

Absolutely stunning stuff:



Despite Tottenham galloping out to an early lead, it was always going to be Leicester City’s night.

I don’t think there was a non-Tottenham supporter alive who wasn’t rooting for Chelsea/Leicester City.

Chants of “LEIC-STER, LEIC-STER” echoed throughout Stamford Bridge during the game’s final moments.

Tonight, we’re all Foxes. Hats off to Leicester City, truly a team of destiny