This Tragic Prom Proposal Is A Lesson To Every High School Golfer

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Source: Golf Digest.

Preface: I feel like such a cynical b***** but this prom proposal made me wince.

“Hilton Head Christian Academy senior Matt Lehman led his girlfriend down to the driving range at Harbour Town Golf Links on Thursday and the couple posted up in front of the bleachers,” writes Rebecca Lurye for The Island Packet.

Young Matty knew something that his “girlfriend” Kaera Handy did not. After an hour and a half at the range his lady friend was about to have a very unexpected surprise. And there it was…
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Ben Crane turned from his warm-up tee and walked straight toward them. How exciting this must have been for the young lady, who herself professed to have no interest in golf whatsoever. You can picture the underwhelming set of events that are about to unfold.

It transpired that our young lothario had been planning something very special indeed. After attending Wednesday’s Christian Heritage breakfast, Lehman approached Crane to ask him a favour. With prom round the corner the 18-year-old alpha dog had to do something out of the ordinary. Seizing the bull by the horns he was convinced that asking a relative stranger to pop the question was a winning ticket.

“Hey, Matt. Hey, Kaera.”

“So, will you go to the prom with Matt?” Said Crane to a seemingly bemused Kaera. Naturally, the poor girl had no idea who this dude was. ‘Am I supposed to know who this is?” she asked in bewilderment.

There are a few life lessons here. If you’re determined to go through the rigmarole of a date invitation, pick something that is close to her heart and not yours. Quite unbelievably she said yes. “I didn’t really care,” she said, laughing next to her now-official date.

It’s probably because I’m soulless, but here’s the big take away: when a certain Golf Digest writer covers this story by describing his own prom experience as “‘memorable,’ albeit not in a good way: My senior-year date left me at the dance to go meet up with another guy,” it’s safe to say that the “We applaud a local Hilton Head high schooler for enlisting PGA Tour pro Ben Crane into his proposal,” is the kiss of death you just don’t need at that age.

Lets hope poor Matt  makes up for his lack of game in other areas. Persuading a non-golfer to wait for 90 minutes whilst you watch random dudes hit balls is not the best starter to a main course of successful dating. This whole story was dressed up like it’s some sort of charming and delightful tale of cuteness, when in reality it was an example of dude crowbarring golf into his girlfriends life. Of course, that’s the long term goal but you have to start slowly, bro.