WATCH: The Viral Golf Video That Perfectly Calls Out Players Who Take Too Long

In a recent article we decided to ask if you thought Jordan Spieth and Jason Day played too slowly. We had a mix of responses in the comments section, but ultimately 73% of you agreed that their pace of play was unacceptable.

For those who didn’t agree…

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It seems illogical to me that people don’t appreciate the trickle down affect of slow play in tournaments. Professional golf is the ultimate representation of our sport, whether we like it or not. This means that pro golf must reflect a pace of play that we would expect to see on our own courses. People have families, commitments and lives that don’t allow for 5 and a half hours to play 18 holes. Unfortunately the average golfer is very impressionable, which means players like Jordan Spieth and Jason Day are normalising slow play.

Rickie Fowler takes an average of 16 seconds over his shots; he is the quickest player on TOUR by some distance. Let’s encourage a brand of golf that’s closer to this example and make our sport more attractive to people who can’t spend inordinate amounts of time on the course. I propose this big take away from my little rant:

The change must start with professionals. Just because they play for money it DOES NOT mean they play a different game to the rest of us. Enough with special treatment for the best players. Uniform rules applied universally.

We need to realise that people on the periphery of our sport have the wrong perception of how long a round of golf should take to play. Don’t forget golf is contracting year-on-year because of this type of BS.

I frankly don’t care if you say “It’s easy for you to sit at your computer and bash a pro golfer but I’d be willing to bet you’ve never played for $1,000,000,” because this COMPLETELY misses the point. Why don’t we make all the pros play at the same pace, with the same rules that ensures a more accurate projection of a reasonable playing speed? It doesn’t matter if your putt is for 50 cents or $500,000, you should be expected to execute the shot within a reasonable time frame.