WATCH: Leicester City’s Claudio Ranieri Is One Of Us

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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There have been so many wonderful stories surrounding Leicester City’s inconceivable Premier League title victory, and there’s still plenty to be made from it. However, the redemption of Claudio Ranieri, from a manager who leaves his four-game spell with Greece off of his cv to national treasure, is the sweetest of them all.

During this 36-game run to the Premier League crown, Ranieri has found a place in all those involved in football’s hearts with his mannerisms, politeness and all around jovial nature;  we all wanted Leicester City to win the title and we wanted them to do it for Ranieri – as well as for the good of the (not so) beautiful game.

We will all forever be indebted to Claudio Ranieri’s men, for giving us this season of hope when football, as we know it, is continually being taken away from us, and yet we are helpless to stop it.

Enjoy the best moments below of a man who, upon being appointed at the King Power Stadium, asked for photos of every single gaffer in the Premier League to be placed upon his wall. The former Chelsea boss just wanted to make every opposition manager feel welcome in his office after a game.

Ranieri, we salute you.