Leicester’s Title Win Has Impacted Upon The Adult Entertainment Industry

(Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
(Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

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Leicester City’s fairy tale has had it all! Promises of pizza, sausages named after Claudio Ranieri and now we’ve got prostitutes offering discount thanks to the Foxes remarkable feat of winning the Premier League title.
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A round of applause for Mandy Fox, who is not only marketing herself superbly by getting on the coattails of a trending topic, but the 22-year-old appreciates that the cost of living is just too high – and continuing to grow – so is helping the consumer out.

Here’s a few of the other services that the entrepreneur offers:

The Wes Morgan And Robert Huth


A three-way with two old birds. It might not sound appealing, and individually they certainly aren’t, but combine the duo and you’re guaranteed a night of safe sex, with no chance of anything slipping through.

The Riyad Mahrez


Now, this offer is for the regular punter who is willing to wait for the rewards. Having experience is everything, and every time just gets better and better – although it will be bloody awful to begin with.

The Jamie Vardy


Have to be willing to use a WKD flavoured condom. And up for a party afterwards.

The Claudio Ranieri


All the focus is on your ‘dilly ding, dilly dong’.