Tony Romo Reveals All In Exclusive Interview About Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth made it to Time’s 100 most influential people list. 

In a list filled with actors, innovators and athletes, it’s nice to see on of our own as an influential person in today’s world. As the only golfer on the list, it’s kind of a big deal.

The list is comprised of five categories; Pioneers, Titans, Artists, Leaders, and Icons. Spieth is on the Icon list, proving that a golfer can be someone people look up to and inspire greatness.

Tony Romo, friend and fellow athlete, spoke to Time about how he feels about Jordan Spieth.

“Jordan Spieth exemplifies everything that’s great about sports. We want our heroes to stand up to every challenge and deliver over and over again. And because we care so much about their performances, we often give them a pass in the rest of their lives. But once every decade or so someone like Jordan Spieth comes along. Jordan captures our imagination on the course and impresses us off of it.

Rarely is an athlete so supremely confident yet incredibly humble, so systematic in his approach yet so fluid in his delivery. Jordan possesses rare competitive greatness that he somehow shuts off when the setting calls for it. And his graciousness toward others is genuine and real. He is the standard by which our heroes should be measured.

Enjoy watching this kid grow up. He will fail and he will succeed, but more than anything, he will make you remember what our heroes are meant to look like. On and off the field.”

Clearly Spieth is doing something right if Romo is calling him a hero. Glad he’s on our team.

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