Giovani Dos Santos Clowns MLS On Snapchat

pic of memo


Giovani Dos Santos clowned MLS on Snapchat after receiving a bullshit fine for his part in a minor dustup over the weekend between LA Galaxy and Sporting Kansas City.

LA Galaxy player Ashley Cole received two yellow cards in the span of a minute and Gio and some of his teammates got up in the ref’s grill to let him know how they felt about the calls:


gio ref gif


They definitely got up in the ref’s personal space bubble, but when you go around giving out cards willy nilly like Valentines Day candy in grade school, what do you expect?

Gio also had a great counter attacking goal. Good game through and through. Watch full highlights from the game below:



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I wonder if MLS will have anything to say to Dos Santos his Snapchat antics. Usually the league doesn’t take too kindly to being mocked in a public capacity.

Gio’s probably like, “Whatever. I make $4 million a year. I could give two shits about your little $250. Hit me with another fine. I dare you.”