Firmino Induces Franken-Klopp With Ankle-Breaking Spin Move

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Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino committed a heinous act of Roberto on Roberto crime against Villarreal’s Roberto Soldado in the Europa League semifinal.

He turned him out like a two dollar trick; spun him right round, baby, right round like a record, baby.



The crowd oohed and aahhed but the most visceral reaction came from Liverpool’s manager, Jürgen Franken-Klopp.



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That’s a move you could just…SINK YOUR TEETH INTO!

Firmino may have mastered the spin cycle, but he sure didn’t invent it. French legend and Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane’s been spinnin’ since before Firmino was born.

Check out Zidane’s top 10 moves of all time. About 2/3 of them involve spinning:



If you want to know what other devilish things Firmino has been up to this year, look no further than this skills compilation. Making his fellow Brazilians proud by breaking all these ankles:


Hopefully his whole bag of tricks will be on display during the Europa League final between Liverpool and Sevilla on Wednesday, May 18th.

He’s got the juice.