WATCH: Atletico Madrid Completely Trash Bayern’s Dressing Room In Wild Celebrations


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The footballing world is falling in love with Atletico Madrid. Their ability to tactically outwit and physically conquer the most dominant attacking sides in the game has left fans in awe of Simeone’s warriors.

Best of all, Atletico’s record in the Champions League surely makes them an undisputed heavyweight in the tournament, yet somehow the Spaniards have retained their status as La Liga’s plucky underdogs – what’s not to love!?

The club have added to their global appeal, releasing an epic video of their celebrations after beating German champions Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-final – the scenes were completely wild!


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


The camaraderie was evident as the players left the pitch, Saul – who was one of the most destructive celebratory players in the dressing room – can be seen mocking Fernando Torres for his missed penalty:


“He wanted to make us suffer a bit more.”


“We’ll save the goal for the final!”

Fernando Torres


Both Madrid clubs have now shared their respective post-match dressing room photos and there can only be one winner.

Where Ronaldo strips down to his underpants and tenses to celebrate an El Clasico victory, Atletico completely smashed up the dressing room of the Champions League favourites.

What a delight that will have been for the Bayern cleaning team the following morning!