Jordan Spieth looked visibly hungover, blame the “dadbod squad”

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Jordan Spieth is the boy that can do no wrong. We regularly see him looking mature in front of the media, but sometimes the fans just want to witness their idol in a complete mess, puking up some cheesy chips after a night on the whisky. As the old adage goes, the more wholesome you appear in the media, the more sordid you are behind closed doors. It’s safe to say this doesn’t apply to Jordan, it’s very unlikely he has – or will ever have – any skeletons his closet, but this picture serves as a glorious reminder that he is just a normal 22-year-old. It’s nice to see him enjoying himself after a tough week at Augusta, further proof these guys don’t linger on the past.
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The two-time major winner has been spending the week in the Bahamas, hitting trick shots and getting mercilessly trolled by Rickie Fowler for his Masters choke. The squad have been sharing all their revelry on Snapchat which led to a jealous Rory McIlroy publicly questioning his decision to decline an invitation.