Kevin Kisner Gets Suspended From Country Club Over Hilarious Cart Racing Video

Kevin Kisner made this fun video with Vice Sports and Callaway to show the world what he does on his off days.

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The video basically shows that pro golfers are just like us, except they carry the foursome when the bets are on. Beers, friends, a quick round of 9 holes with some golf cart fun. Literally everything the average golfer does with their buddies.

Pro golfers aren’t allowed to have fun when they’re a member at Palmetto Golf Club, which is just a 20-minute drive from the front gate of Augusta National. Founded in 1892, Palmetto lists itself as the second-oldest golf club in the U.S. where the video was taken and where Kisner is now suspended from.


Jim is right.

Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, Smylie Kaufman AND Jordan Spieth all went on vacation together in the Bahamas where they played the course Bakers Bay without shoes, with a dog, and went totally wild. Kevin Kisner and his friends were mild in comparison.

This just shows how backwards the golfing world can be sometimes, especially old country clubs that still think they’re are relevant. Sure, they have some rules that they may have broken, like racing golf carts, but no one was hurt and the course was unspoiled (you even see one guy using divot repair seed in the video).



This is where country clubs and golf in general loses members or players. No one wants to pay for a membership that is going to get revoked just because they were having some fun on the course.

The “ideals” and “values” that the course was probably trying to protect by suspending Kevin Kisner are old fashioned anyway. This publicity only hurt the course’s reputation, not helped. Good luck getting young members Palmetto.


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