WATCH: Bobby Moore Encouraging People To Stay Away From Upton Park

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Emotion is high around West Ham United Football Club as they say goodbye to Upton Park and/or the Boleyn Ground (depending on your name preference), with Manchester United the opponents for the Hammers’ final game.

The calibre of players that have plied their trade over the years down at the chicken run has been on a steady decline. However, there’s no denying that when West Ham won the World Cup, that era for the claret and blue was golden.

Bobby Moore was the pin-up of English football, everyone wanted to be in his circle; guys wanted to be the World Cup-winning captain and girls wanted to be with the finest centre-back the Three Lions have ever produced.

The advert above is just a brilliant bit of football history, with Bobby and his wife encouraging fans to pop down to their local boozer to watch the game rather than the actual ground – God knows such an advert wouldn’t be allowed nowadays.

Now, let’s just hope the Hammers give the Boleyn the true ‘West Ham way’ send off, just like they did for their final Saturday 3pm home game against Swansea City.