Jose Enrique Has Rejoined Liverpool Just Days After Release

The ink had barely dried on the contract termination document between Jose Enrique and Liverpool before Jurgen Klopp had a remarkable change of heart and re-signed the former Reds full-back.

Klopp, who is expected to oversee a huge summer overhaul of Liverpool this summer, has spoken out on his decision to give the Spaniard a reprieve:

“Look, I know Jose is a combination of Phil Babb and Jan Kromkamp, which isn’t ideal. However, once I sent Jose packing, I went out to training and witnessed Jon Flanagan trying a 360-turn – it took him two minutes to go full circle. 


“And then Alberto Moreno decided to just keep running. Like, genuinely just didn’t stop. He didn’t even have the ball. Just ran and ran and ran. He’s probably halfway to London by now.”


Jurgen Klopp

Enrique, who joined from Premier League rivals Newcastle United in 2011, was delighted with Klopp’s surprising u-turn:

“I’m on £65,000-a-week at Liverpool. There’s genuinely no way I deserve such a wage and I’d struggle to get 10% of that anywhere else. 


“Got to be honest, I started to panic when the only club showing genuine interest in me were Aston Villa; I mean, I know I don’t offer much in terms of footballing ability but there wasn’t a chance I was going to play in the same team as Alan Hutton.”


Jose Enrique

When you look at Enrique’s statistics during his time on Anfield, it’s hard to believe that the former Borussia Dortmund manager was even willing to let the fullback leave.